by Telyscopes

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The guard rail a mangled, tangled mess like it was chewed up and spit back out Every morning the flies swarm her door, they'll taunt "you're getting longer in the tooth." Long, now it's been so long Twenty one years almost to the day and all the footage was erased. She nineteen and he thirty two, and now the last of august has had the last of you. Too late I'm too late I'm out of time Will you teach me to jump over the flame? and laugh in the fire and dance in the fire while the flame rises I was running late, now I am early to die The smell of rubber and black smoke pours out Young and supple, unmarked by time Bloody hands still grip the wheel Long, now it's been so long Long, all my teeth are long Royal blood is laughing at you, and all of Wales is sobbing for you, they're leaving flowers at Kensington square just for you, and no one knows what the hell to do. Too late I'm too late I'm out of time Too late I'm too late I'm out of time Will you teach me how to jump over the flame? and laugh in the fire and dance in the fire? While the flame rises higher and rises higher and rises higher
Turtle came out of her shell in a hundred year old shoebox with breathing holes We put on our cloths and, on the way home, we contemplated moving up to suburban world of our parents goals we'd always said we hated most until the love that bound us close dissipated like turtles ghost headed south before the snow fell every night, I am a pebble in white. I won't regret your beady eyes if you remember mine. Something must have gone terribly wrong There was a flash in the tunnel, no light at the end. The young driver and his passenger were dead on the scene, dead on rout seventeen
I like you so please don't change I find it so strange how the smallest divisions sit and stew they constitute a ticking watch boom hullabaloo
Pot belly smokestack (come out, come out and meet the gang) His thin wife is a coat rack (come on, come on and play the game) My yellow eyes scan the smokey air to flag down my ride with silver hair Who sits inhaling the trashcan and comes out to dull his brain Ignore what they say and maybe one day it'll kill you it's been killing me Slurring irrelevant stories of grandeur in your younger years of fame My wit sharp as a thumbtack get impaired, clear the air and shake the rain Ignore what they say and maybe one day it'll kill you it's been killing me Cut the lights cue the laughtrack (come out, come out and see the shame) My poor wallet is empty but my stomach and my liver are so full
Every little move exaggerated and every single touch turns to stone (time was never in our hands, time was always in my plans) our perfect life is frozen in claymation, will never exist outside memory I won't be your sun, can't be your moon, won't be your anything at all if you don't stand and you don't move, if you don't try and break the wind is pouring in and blowing me into the corner of the room Your eyes became fluorescent bulbs exposing the cracks where I had swept my crumbs and dust from the past (wrapped you in a towel and buried you in the backyard) made your bed, now sleep on it tables have turned.
mistress, dominatrix (OOOWWW) forced a tube where it shouldn't go (OOOWWW) and there was blood in my toilet bowl (OOOWWW) an ambulance dragged me away (OOOWWW) and stuck needles in my (OOOWWW) the bathroom floor is black (OOOWWW) squid ink from a urinary tract (OOOWWW) and now it burns like hell to piss (OOOWWW) from a blown-out leaky sink will my insurance cover me? and will I need a new urethra when my clothing dries and the morning comes? urethra, when the drugs kick in and my insides buzz... (now the elephants dance) and the bills pile up and the blood builds up and the build up becomes bills and the bills become more bills I feel like less of a man the agency cut off my hand now I can't hold my broken dick to take another bloody piss
Lash out and stake me dead Stone heroes jump the fence Graveyard is full of noise Land fills around you This time I wont have an answer I'll let you rot Next time I wont bat an eye or change my mind Change my mind Rise to the queen of sound Don't look her in the eyes She only wears white and never leaves the house Earth's pit opened wide Oceans rose, the sun returned Leave flowers by my urn and Let Alexandria burn.


Cover photo taken and edited by Shan Cerrone at Colorspace Labs


released February 19, 2019

Perfume / In the Tooth:

Patty Hammole, Drums
Jack Hubbell, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synths

Turtle One:

Chris Caulder, Drums, Piano
Kevin Broadcaster, Trumpet, Tuba, Flute
Daniel P Washerwoman, Synth Pads, Saxophones
Jack Huppell, Vocals, Percussion, Guitars, Bass, Extra Synths


Karl Hovis Hovmark, Drums
Jack Hobble, Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Turtle Two:

Chris Caulder, Drums, Piano, Synth
Kevin Broadcaster, Trumpet, Flute, Triangle
Patty Hammole, Extra Percussions
Jack Humble, Vocals, Percussion, Guitars, Bass, Synth

Doctor, Why is there Blood in my Pee?:

Karl Hovis Hovmark, Drums
Michael Horvath, Painful Screams
Jason Tyler, Extra Guitars, Trumpet, Synth, (recoding of children playing outside?)
Jack Hubbell, Vocals, Guitars, Bass

Karl Hovis Hovmark, Drums
Patty Hammole, Reversed Drums
Michael Horbath, and Charlie Dubai, Guest "Perfume" Vocals
Jack Himbell, Guitars, Bass

Mach Speed / Ivan Johnson:

Karl Hovis Hovmark, Drums
Jack Hubbell, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Sequencing


all rights reserved



Telyscopes Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Weird music you can take bath salts and get naked to. Sometimes lo-fi and sometimes not.

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