Everybody I Know Is Dead Or On Drugs

by Telyscopes

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Basically the songs that didn't make the cut for lenclair that still had decent sounding demos.
My first "solo" album since renegade. Hopefully it's more enjoyable.

Visual accompaniment for track 8 is Caspar David Friedrich's "The Tree Of Crows"
or you can just google that shit.

╚═( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)═╝


released May 28, 2016

Lap steel and tele-lead on "Missed Connections" by Patrick Hargon <3
Tracks 5, 9, 11, and 13 drums by Charlie Cassells and Pablo Cabrera on bass, Tracks 1, 2, and 7 Pablo Cabrera on drums. Everything else by Jack. Recorded in my basement, mastered by pablo, produced by the corpse of george martin



all rights reserved


Telyscopes Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Weird music you can take bath salts to. Sometimes lo-fi and sometimes not.

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Track Name: Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer
Walks the night, he sucks the life
From living men, to wear their skin
Hold you down and watch you drown
Pull you apart, consume your heart
Hail, hail to the flame
Broadcast their face and name
It's you, you, you who's evil.
Malformed shadows and scattered bones
He puts the parts in mason jars
Turns his eyes and offers sacrifice
To a repulsive god...
Hail, hail to the flame
Broadcast their face and name
It's you, you, you who's evil.

There's been a murder on Ingram place,
no one knows the killers name or face, but they
know the kind of cross he writes
on a folded napkin late at night.
The payphone was drenched in water but it hadn't rained in weeks
There's a god and a beast
There's a three headed dog in every heart but only
you who's evil.

In the morning
they shot him dead.
Track Name: How To Write A Successful Pop Song: 5 Steps (With Pictures)
Try not to be so esoteric if you want to make a mark
But even when you clean your act up it's a shot in the dark
It's common knowledge ASS N PUSSY make all of the noise
Strip it down to 1-4-5 in the key of your choice
It's a flawless plan,
and a selfish act to keep my pride intact, but you know
It's a flawless plan,
don't preach to me about integrity cause you know
It's a flawless plan

You won't be so apathetic when you've lost a couple years
Build it up only to be torn down and exposed by your peers
But never the less,
spend your hard earned cash on plastic that will end up under the couch,
or the seat of a car, trust me here, I've got quite a few myself

"Yeah man, just gonna get in a van man, and, and drive to california man,
i went to primos with my mom and she SHEe told me i could"
-Jason Tyler, 2013
Track Name: Lane of Poplars at Sunset
Hands up, hands up
Consider this your final warning
I'll stop for no one
If they're in my tracks my foot wont leave the gas

I need to mute the static that's been droning in my head
On Cubase shift-P is loop and I'm wishing my laptop was dead
so i could walk down a "lane of poplars at sunset" -
I don't necessarily want to shoot myself yet
Before i leave the county i should harvest what I've grown
Hands up
Track Name: Missed Connections
Ten fifteen on the red line going back to silver spring
Minda from PA I'd love to see your face again
when its not so blurry

White jacket sleeves rolled up over a pyramid tattoo
Minda from PA please tell me how the hell can I find you?
When you're not so blurry

The vomit colored carpet meets a thousand of strangers shoes
But if you're standing next to me how will I know if it is you?
When we aren't so blurry
Track Name: Stone Or Rock