3X3 (Little Square Boxes)

by Telyscopes

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Shady Monk
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Shady Monk In an age where so many artists try to be heard, & traditional methods are all but lost on an ever permeating bedroom-producer culture, it's rare to find an artist such as this, with such variety, yet conciseness throughout. With 3X3, Telyscopes takes all the colors of his accumulative pallet to paint us this 9 part aural landscape; a journey heavy with textures, fuzz, and distortion, yet brimming with clarity. Sure to be one of the greats if works like this are any indicator of what's to come. Favorite track: Love Song, Not The Cure.
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kellysoria An album as cohesive as this with SO much diversity is a very rare find! The fuzz in caspers ravine reminds me of microphones the glow pt.2? Favorite track: For Michelle Roslyn.
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TrixxStarr Jack Hubble is a mega talent. His ability to draw influence from all over the Rock/Pop spectrum and make it his own is a key element to these recordings being so special. Beautiful vocals, great hooky songs, blistering to dreamy guitars with an incredible rhythm section really make these song stand out from the crowed. Treat your ears to a bit of heaven and check these guys out Favorite track: Casper's Ravine / Morpheus.
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Sun kiss Sun burn I'm the son of black and White light White heat Carried high above by Red birds Cavities Of their golden beaks and Dropped free Diving With a parachute to Land on the unexpected wasteland And level mountains with my hand Pluck up the trees like feathers Conduct the wind like Borodin Engulf the burning earth below In my glow, Brighter than a hydrogen bomb Don't look Burn holes right through your retinas Blow down concrete walls Vaporize your flesh like Wax drips naked from the candle And live ash crumbles off the bone Pluck up the trees like feathers Conduct the wind like Borodin Ignite the cardboard earth below In my sun Burning like a hydrogen bomb It's not a contest, there's no need to flex your arms I will learn to take it all in stride
Can't sleep I can't eat or speak and now I'm off the tracks, off the tracks Paint the floorboards black and white Like horizontal zebra stripes He's laughing at But I can't laugh Hard pressed Breakin a sweat and now I'm off the tracks, of the tracks Shut the windows seal them tight No wonder I can't sleep at night I hear him laugh Am I the madcap? Nick albrook hung up his hofner and he walked into the desert If it's such a hard pill to swallow If it's such a hard pill to swallow Break it in half Break it in half as many strings, Twice as many fingers Substitute singers, a thousand dollars spent But it's up to you cause I don't have the verse And it's up to you now, the chorus is yours Am I the sun child blooming to be? Or am I Barrett on French tv? Seems like he has given up. He had no children No one to take his name Tape off the door, turn on the gas and do the same But I'm only trying to be the better half of you I'm only trying to fall asleep and forget your name
We crawled around on our paws Like we were nothing but dogs In seasonal sun Fed through the factory machine Ground up and processed like meat The hunter becomes Bury desires like seeds Under the shadows of trees and Pray for sunlight to grow Sitting around getting old While everybody I know Is dead or on drugs
A shot rings out and drops hollow bones, food for the worms Hands start to shake Water runs low, the green moon is whole, and the ravine walls are too tall Are we close or am I lost at sea slowly drifting across? Songs never take A shape I don't hate, of beauty and prowess above the ravine walls Wake up call he's blown a gasket Core meltdown evacuate Face is molded like it's plastic Features strike jack Nicholson Killing moon I failed to see it Madey madey going down Copy copy do you read me? Killing time is panic now Panic now Panic now Find my bones in a plastic bag or in a dumpster
Over the bridge across the bay on a rainy Thursday night Second exit off the highway With a shovel and a flashlight His gray mustache is damp with sweat and the dew of april morning Shrieking echos from the head emerged without warning and now Newark, Christiana God has sent a flood Newark, Christiana Is tarnished with the blood Drove all night, you slept at my side Through Delaware and PA We passed an empty car who's bright headlights whitewashed the bay Black foliage builds a fortress enclosing the narrow road I should have seen it coming I should have seen his empty car and known that Newark, Christiana Was swept away by the flood Newark, Christiana Is drowning in the blood Now I'm looking blankly at a black and white picture And a caption under the face August fourteenth, age 25 Washed up along the bay Newark, Christiana I have seen the flood Newark, Christiana Turned water into blood
Tables have turned Tables have turned Tables have turned I want an ordinary life, I'm too afraid of death to die Tables have turned Tables have turned Tables have turned You've already made your bed, now sleep on it I'll contribute my verse but don't ask me to sing And if you're walking home tonight beware of headlights: Crazy horse rides a ford taurus And he's a little too drunk to drive But every night he gets home alive Tables have turned Tables have turned Tables have turned I'm running out of time, no longer in my prime
Tinder when you're in my skin I locked the door, how did you get in? Made my bed but I'll stay awake As restless as I am I'm too young to lose my hair It's not you, it's not me June we bloom Waits love true It's not you, it's not me Love song, drove into the curb Paint my nails so I can be Robert Smith I'll give you a lift if you'll make breakfast As stupid as I am I'll show you how to change a tire It's not you, it's not me June we bloom Waits love true It's not you, it's not me Unintelligible lyrics Calm down, it's only me Who else have you been seeing? Let me make an offer (Lend me tugennov truk) Sing me a love song, I might stick around to hear Call it magic, I'll make this boy disappear.
Lay down in the tall grass Disappear into green Cards down the die is cast A shadow breaks the scene Acorns on a tin roof When chaos finally reigns An open window kills And white shirts easily stain When the three beggars arrive Stars align Someone must die Me or you A pyramid is drawn I embody the peak I am me, I am gone Whispering when you speak With a drill trough your foot You can't come running back Adjoined fingers of wood Careful to strike a match We'll burn it down She'll pull us into to hell In a red shoulder bag What secret letters spell When will it be the last And in the darkest night Smoke veils a crimson moon Herded in the zeitgeist Blind to the anti-christ
Tables have turned, tables have turned, tables have turned You've already made your bed, now sleep on it--- I slept at the feet of two deadheads the night that you died And three years later I still feel gooey inside 1. Deported from the party of twelve and welcomed home The light from your crystal chandelier guided me along Reduced to a lighthouse outlining violent bathtub foam I ride on the wings of he, I prefer to travel alone It's great to see you're doing so well, but Kevin, can you play me the songs I came to hear? And there a ghastly shadow formed and captured the tall Black silhouette of figure who's head shank into a small Bullet sized hole imprinted in the apartment drywall 2. Easter eve when we got stoned Dead and buried under stone Eighteen was a year I've tried to forget Easter Day when I woke The cave was full and blocked by stone Nobody rose, nobody spoke But the vessel and the rose Framed in gold couldn't decompose Hanging high above the green carpet that burned my hands and feet Maybe I'm wrong and you're right 3. He pulled out a box of old cassettes from his father's car Unraveled the tapes and stretched them out across the lawn And time, neither bent nor straight, can't replay like magnetic tape You're left to wonder and wallow at the hands of a sick machine It's great to see you're doing so well, but hey Wayne, can you play me the songs I came to hear? Full moon, winter nova, I still shiver to your songs July heat the woods on paul spring parkway where I fucked in my car Change is a necessity that isn't necessarily kind But death is a sweet release--- the greatest drug, the highest high. 4. Easter Day when I woke The tomb was full and blocked by stone Nobody rose, nobody spoke And now a picture of Marlese Is tacked to cork as the centerpiece Silver hair like the oxidized tea set In a cherry cabinet Contained the most unusual smells potpourri scented the green carpet that burned my hands and knees Maybe I'm wrong and you're right I wouldn't be surprised It wouldn't be the first time I wouldn't be surprised Would it be the last time? All those pesky little things that don't dissipate with age The farther you run they always seem to catch back up If denial is a sin does ours count as one or two? All the bad in me comes from you.


Nine songs with nine coinciding illustrations.

All music and lyrics by Jack Hubbell except "one foot in front of the other through leaves over bridges" from kurt vonnegut's "long walk to forever"


released October 12, 2016

Cover edited by Adam Privette
Layout and illustrations by Jack Hubbell
Drums by Pablo Cabrera
Trumpet on "A Marc Train Home" and additional guitar layers on "Chaos" by the rat king himself, Jason Tyler
Synth on "Casper's Ravine / Morpheus" by Jimmy Figliola
All other instruments by Jack

Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth
Tracks 1, 3, and 8 mixed by Pablo at Analog Approach
Other tracks mixed by Jack

Special thanks to Seth and Caleb


all rights reserved



Telyscopes Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Weird music you can take bath salts and get naked to. Sometimes lo-fi and sometimes not.

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